Thursday, September 18, 2008

much to do about . . .

It is amazing how many different emotional situations occur when you move. "I love this place" thoughts happen one day, "what on EARTH were we thinking?" the next. I have had so many different emotional reactions and responses that I am not quite sure which ones to believe.

School is starting to get into a small routine. The students are finding out more about me and therefore trusting me more. (and liking me) Today, I had a student, who is a GIANT of a child, not want to work. He was pouting because his project was not turning out perfectly. Since I was trying to encourage him to work I sat at his table and asked him to get busy on his work. He seemed angry and wouldn't even look at me. The other students looked at me when I asked like I would not get an answer out of him. Just to throw a curve ball at him, I said "Aaron, look at my bald, ugly head" with an attitude. He laughed out loud and looked. He did not work the rest of the period but I know for sure I made a connection with him today.

We have been looking at some farms for sale. I love the idea that we are not pressured to buy and that we can take our time and evaluate exactly what we want in a farm. Our good friends the Weihrauchs come with us often to let us know if it is going to work as a homestead. They are the ones who are currently homesteading and making a living of it. It is also great to be next door neighbors (if you call a half a mile a next door neighbor).

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kjvbaptist said...

there called "country neighbors"