Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tomorrow is the last day that I have students. Monday and Tuesday are work days for me to clean up the room and finish getting all of my stuff out. And then...I am officially jobless.

Our hope, and prayer is that I will get a call in a few weeks and be summoned to interview somewhere at a school that I have applied to. Last year at this time, I had interviewed at a few schools but did not decide until the middle of June where we were going to live. We ended up moving in the latter part of July. I have a lease agreement here until the end of July and then it is up in the air where we will be.

I am enjoying the freedom that comes with deciding where we want to live, but I am also excited to stop moving and plant ourselves on a plot of land and sit for awhile. A long while :) As I was taking boxes out of my classroom today, the thought of never moving again seemed closer at hand.


Ginny said...

I understand the desire to not move again. My dad was in the army and we moved 32 times before I was 18. I went to 16 different schools, six of them high schools. I joined the navy, got married, got out of the navy, and have moved many more times. Now we have been in this house for about six years and plan to be here awhile, Lord willing. It is good to have a little plot of land and the wherewithal to do something with it. :-D I hope you get one, too.

Robert Mullins said...

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Godspeed in your job hunting endeavors.