Thursday, June 19, 2008

are we in the field yet...

Ildi and the children went to the Greensboro Arboretum the other day. The girls found an apricot tree and collected some fruit that had fallen on the ground only to be wasted. They brought it home and were excited to get started on making some jam. This was their first attempt at making it and I am hoping it is by far not the last. It was tart and delicious! We smathered it on some buttermilk biscuits for late breakfast this morning.

Job front news...I had a couple of interviews and am going back to Ohio the early part of next week for a few more. It seems that the floodgates are starting to open up. Ohio teachers have until July 1st to inform the district whether or not they are returning. Hopefully this will open more positions to apply for. It is hard to keep in mind that I only need ONE job because I keep thinking of it being like shopping at the mall. Let me have a whole bunch to choose from and then choose the one I like the most. Crazy thinking! I am really hoping to get in a location close to the Findlay, Lima, Kenton area.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Garth,
We got back from Disney on Saturday. I was curious to see if you got a job yet. If you, your wife and children would like to come swimming, please let me know. We have VBS this week from 9-12:30 but, anytime after 12:30 would be ok. Forest Park Parking Lot Attendant SLMcBride