Monday, June 9, 2008

starting to see the light...

Today was a hopeful day. After weeks of sending out resumes' and not hearing anything, today I got a call for an interview. Whoo Hoo! Looks like Thursday I'll go up for an interview on Friday. Hopefully, this will be the season (these next few weeks) that I get a few calls and am able to interview at a few different places. I am really wanting to teach High School in a really small, rural town. The kind of school that has all the students, K-12, in one building and the total population is 300 to 400 students. Actually, there was one job posting that was similar to that and needed an art teacher for the K-12 grade. Small town USA would be great.

The children are finishing up studies for this academic year. It is hard to believe that this next year we will have one of our children in high school already. As most of you who have grown children already know, the time does go by quickly.

This week is promising to be busy. Tuesday is my last day at the school here in NC. Wednesday we are traveling to South Carolina to pick up some milk, then Thursday head up to Ohio for the weekend. Summer time has always been a traveling time for us as a family. We have got to Oregon, Washington, driven across the nation, camped in the Sierra Nevada, and Yosemite National Park. Our trip this summer will be our move up to Ohio.

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