Sunday, January 6, 2008


I was thinking about the whole 2000 scare the other day (now that it is 8 years after) and how everyone was skeptical to what would happen when the bell dropped, the clock changed, and 2000 came rolling in. It was pretty dull when nothing big happened. Not that a new year is not a big deal in all, but nothing earth shattering happened that night. Actually, I was reflecting on this year and was reminded of all the changes that have happened. Most of the changes we have had have been talked about already in previous posts. Some of the changes we are the FARM!

Today I gave some advice about blogging and to my surprise, I actually spoke more to myself than to the person I was talking to. I think that I will take my own advice and post the results of my conversation.

Chapter One (1)...just kidding :) It all started back in Northwest Ohio in the small town of Kenton, Ohio. I am the third child of four, and the middle of three boys. See if you can figure out the birth order. Hint: the last child is a boy. Kenton was, and is, a small rural town that is similar to most of the small towns in Ohio.

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