Friday, December 28, 2007


What a pleasant Christmas time for us. I have been off work since the 20th (my birthday) and have done absolutely NOTHING but rest. Waking up around 9:00, taking a nap with Gresham, then laying down with him again around 7:00 for the night. What a life a child has huh? I wish those days of being told to take a nap, going to bed early, and have rest time during the day were part of the adult world. I wonder how that would change attitudes during the day?

We decided not to go to Ohio during the Christmas break. We haven't found a farm that has captured our attention enough to drive the 8 hours to get to it. Ildi is still diligently looking at property, and I have contacted an old high school friend to tell me about the areas we are looking at. We are starting to narrow down our search. It is exciting to be closer and closer to buying our place.

It's Friday night again, pizza night, and the girls have set the dough up for pizza tonight. We have been watching Wives and Daughters the last few nights and will finish up with the special features of the DVD tonight. Not having a television has been great so far. I have found a online TV video site that I am able to watch the 3rd season of Lost on; certainly not like watching a DVD or regular TV but it suffices. It is nice not to have the temptation to turn the TV on when there is nothing to do. So many times in the past, when there was nothing going on, it was easy just to turn the TV on and sit and watch for a few hours. Inevitably though, it usually consumed more time than what I would like to admit. I am thinking ahead to the Summer Olympics in Bejjing 2008. How am I going to get the coverage of the Olympics? The Summer Olympics are one of my favorite things to watch. I guess I could always borrow a TV for the eight weeks or so. I am wondering if Youtube or another video hosting site will air them?

It's rainy and cold now in NC. The temperature here should be making a shift toward colder weather in the next week or so. Hopefully we will have snow!

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