Sunday, September 30, 2007

a city with history

Saturday I took the children to Old Salem. It's a historical part of the city that was started by the Moravians. The south side (Salem) and the north part (Winston) joined together to make the larger city of Winston-Salem. We went to the Children's Museum that houses toys from the early inhabitants of the area. Lot's of Folk Art! As well as the museum, we visited only a few of the 100 plus original homes located in the historic Living Museum district. They call it a Living Museum because people live in the area, and while working at the place dress in period costumes.

The Dixie Classic Fair is in town. We are planning to attend this next weekend. We also have some plans for some friends in Ohio to come down and visit for the week. It will be exciting to have 12 children in the house! I love having people visit.

Today after church we drove around in the country to look at the farm area of Rockingham County. It's a might pretty place (hee hee) and there are some "parcels" for sale. Ildi has been looking in Kentucky at farms. She's gotten the "Amish farm" bug and wants to buy a house and convert it. The crazy part of it is that she found a house today that is only a 7 hour drive from us, and I am half tempted to go there jsut to look at the house!

The children have been making some more Lego art. You can see them on our school gallery at

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