Thursday, September 13, 2007

it's beginning to feel a lot like.....

HOME! Not really. However, we are starting to feel a regularity with what we are doing. The schedule is as follows. Monday through Friday I go to work (school-pretend work) and the children are at home studying. We are getting out of the habit of calling what they do here at home school. Saturday we go on the shopping trip. It consists of late morning trip to the farmers market, and several little stops to local stores in Greensboro. Saturday evening working around the house still putting things away from the move. Sunday morning back to Greensboro (it's only 20 minutes :)) for church. Back home and relaxing by playing outside, reading, or watching T.V. Oops, no watching T.V. Since we left Los Angeles we haven't had a television. We did watch some when we stayed in hotels until we got here, but since we've been in the house, we haven't seen any. I have one in my room at school and I am not even tempted to turn it on.

This weekend is going to be an eventful one. We are going to visit a church in Bristol Tennessee/Virgina. It's a city that borders both states and is only two and one half hours away. This will be the first of many visits to neighboring places to scope out the land for our future farming needs. Kind of sounds like Future Farmers of America huh? Which is an organization that I would have greatly benefitted from had I been involved in it earlier in life.

The children are working hard at studying and are developing nicely into fine young ladies and gentlemen. They still squabble a bit but are working hard on honoring me and their mother, and treating each other with kindness, truthfulness, and helpfulness. (thanks Sara fro your stuck!) I am reading another parenting book that is challenging me to be more involved with the implementation of scripture in the "milieu" of life's situations. Milieu being French for middle of life's circumstances.

The weather has been a little nicer lately. Two nights ago I went to the store later in the evening and it was around 88 outside. I laughed at myself when I said to myself that it felt nice outside! This morning it was actually chilly outside on my way to work/play.

Ildi has been making homemade ice cream in the evenings for us from her raw milk. It is DELICIOUS! I have actually been drinking the milk "naked" as well. The first taste if cow and I am finished though.

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