Monday, September 17, 2007

You may be wondering.....How did their big adventure to Tennessee go? Did they like it? Was it pretty? Are they going to move there? Follow along and I'll give you the shorter account of our weekend (really only Sunday)in the Appalachian Mountains.

Sunday morning we woke up at six. We planned on leaving at half-past the hour but didn't roll out of the barn until seven. We spent some time feeding and milking the chickens (all six of them) and had to spend a few minutes pumping the hot coffee into the tank for such a long trip to "church" We headed North through the upper part of the state and passed Pilot Mountain.

We then traveled up into Virginia and over to the western most part of the state. It was there in the corner that we found Bristol, Virginia/Tennessee. Church started at ten, and we went to an all church picnic after. If you want to know more about the church you can visit, and if you want to know what we thought about the visit you'll have to call us.

The picnic was a great way to actually meet and talk with the church members. Here's where we spent the afternoon.

Looking back down at the road...

And then leaving for the day...

Finally, we got home around 9:30. Made for a long day just to go to church!

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