Friday, October 5, 2007

weekend "to town"

Tomorrow is another busy Saturday. Not really busy as much as eventful. It has been fun to weekly go as a family shopping at the Farmer's Market and then to a couple of other stores to pick up odds and ends. This time we are adding a little bit of city history to the daily agenda. The FAIR!

The Dixie Classic Fair has been here in Winston for many years. A cute little fair with the charm of a smaller city. I had to put some artwork up from my school students so I got a sneak peek at the fair this year. It's to the market early, then off to the fair in the afternoon. Sounds like a small-town type of day.

The more Ildi and I talk about the future farm idea, the more solidified we get on what we want. We have decided that we definately want snow now. Snow was out of the picture earlier when we decided to move to the east coast. But being here in NC and hearing the report that it hardly ever snows here has been a little dissapointing. So........ :)

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