Sunday, August 28, 2011

in the fair . . .

There is nothing like a small town fair.  The Midway full of vending foods.
Glitsy-lit rides that make your stomach flop.
And MONSTER trucks the size of a home!
And this year, Nolan was a 4-H participant in the fair along with all the other students in the Saddle Slingers 4-H club.  Since the lady that he has been working with training horses is the advisor for the group, he decided to join the club and get some more experience in showing horses.  This year at the Defiance County Fair, the club decorated the horse stalls in a Country theme.  Not country like living IN the country, but country like a country from around the world.  Nolan chose France and decorated his stall with a French theme including the French flag and vocbulary words in French.
 Along with western barrels, pole, and a miriad of other events, he also participated in the English riding classes as well.  Instead of spending a fortune for English riding clothes, I had an Amish friend sew him a riding shirt and jacket.  It is a beautiful looking outfit and was MORE than reasonably priced.
 He is getting quite good at riding horses and and doing "tricks" with them.  Here he has our thoroughbred Arlian cantering.


LauraT said...

He's growing up to be such a fine young man. You must be proud!

foutfolk said...

Laura . . . yes, I am proud of him. And I am enjoying spending time with him AS he is getting older. He is a neat young man. :)