Wednesday, August 10, 2011

out by my compost bin . . .

Nelson's Tree Service was contrated to cut the trees on our road that interfere with the electricity lines.  A few days ago they came out to cut a little in the patch of trees that are in our front yard.  I decided to talk to them about possibly getting some of the mulched branches in hopes of amending my garden beds and using it around the trees that I planted this year.

Not only did they agree to give me some of the mulch, they have been coming every other day or so and dumping the ENTIRE back of the truck into a HEAP out by my compost bin.  YEAH!

So, this week we have been filling the garden spots with mulch.  Tree bark, wood chips, leaves, and even the small branches . . . for several reasons.

1.  It covers the weeds and stunts their growth.
2.  It amends the soil by adding organic matter.
3.  It helps to retain water in the soil.
4.  It cools the soil and helps the micro-organism to thrive.

This is the heap that they have been adding to.  It is quite a LARGE heap of mulch.  (side note . . . I have been playing around with angles when I take photos . . . be careful when viewing!)

 The watermelon leaves are starting to trickle down the mound and are crawling across the mulch.
 And on our traditional rows garden, the mulch acts as a soft bed to walk on while meandering through the garden.  Every now and again a weed needs to be pulled or tucked under the mulch the stop from getting out of control.
This whole top down method of gardening is new to me.  And new to the practice of our gardening.  Mimicking the forest floor is easy to do and I am hoping that it all turn out.  :)


Anonymous said...

Pretty insightful. Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely gift from the tree trimmers:). We managed to receive the neighborhood leaf cleanup crew's loads of leaves one year . . . never thought I'd be excited about free rotting leaves.

foutfolk said...

Anon . . .

I agree, being excited about decomposing matter is a turn in lifestyle huh?