Saturday, February 19, 2011

a new set . . .

Today I start another 4 day weekend off from school.  In the month of February, the school systems always celebrate President's Day and we get a Monday off around the third week of the month.  In addition to the Monday off, since we had parent conferences this week and stayed late a couple of nights, we get today off as well.  Times like this gives me additional working time to get caught up on all the pending chalkboard orders that I have.  That's what I'll be doing today . . . making hundreds of mini chalkboards. Literally, hundreds!

The majority of the "getting this farm into working order" is over.  Last year, being our first year here at FoUTFoLK FARM, we had tons of cleanup to do since the house and farm sat empty for a long time.  All of the big jobs are done, and now I can focus on some of the details in and around the house.  Since I have a few days home, I am planning on installing the new curtain rods I purchased at the ReStore.  The ReStore is a used furniture/clothes/everything store that sells used and new items.  For the past couple of weeks I have been purchasing new, unfinished curtain rods for the family room, and have gotten some that are stained already for the bedrooms and living room.  Originally, a new set of unfinished 4' rods would be $49.00 including buying all the parts separately.   And I needed two sets of those, and two sets of 8' ones, which are even more, to dress the larger windows in the family room.  Not counting the other rooms in the house.  Fortunately, I was able to find the ones I needed for $14.00 a piece for the 8' ones as an entire set.  Altogether, instead of spending about $232.00 to finish the family room, I was able to get all of what I needed for $44.00.  I love deals like that.

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19lt70 said...

I love those kinds of deals, too! Please post pictures when your windows are "dressed"!