Monday, February 21, 2011

another birthday celebration . . .

Today is Ildi's birthday.  Today is the BIG  . . . no it is not the big . . . it's just another year added to all the rest. :)

Birthdays, as you get older, change. They usually don't carry the same excitement they once did.  In fact, some people dread them!  The older you get, the more they are a reminder of our finite life here on earth.  The fact that we are all slowly dying.  In some ways, the can actually be depressing.

The older you get, and however uneventful and depressing a birthday celebration can be, it is still a day to celebrate the birth of a wife, a mother, a friend, and a child of God.  It is time to reflect on the purpose of our existence.  A time to "count" our blessings.  And not one by one.  But by thousands!  Celebrating a birthday should include the understanding that we were formed with His pleasure in mind.  That we were fashioned to His liking, and He is pleased with us.  That we were born for a reason.  Our prayer, and yours I hope, is for Ildi to find peace in His kindness for her, love in her heart for His people, and contentment with His plan for her life.  With love and God's grace, Happy Birthday to you!



Kim said...

Happy birthday, Ildi!!

You are a lovely person inside and out. I am particularly fond of your "Sarah Palin" glasses. ;-) in this picture.



Camille.thomas said...

Happy Birthday Ildi! I've come to look forward to aging. Strange, I know. But seeing God's hand in answering so many prayers and seeing his goodness that only comes from looking back over time, I see time progressing (aging!) as a good thing. And that much closer to my heavenly departure! Now, the wrinkles I could do without....Hope you had a special day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ildi!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday. You are a very dear person full of God's grace and love. I thank God for you.
Kim B