Sunday, February 20, 2011

a cord of wood . . .

This morning it is dark outside, and dark in the house.  It was a little warmer than usual for chores, and Asher went back up to bed not feeling well.  I lit a couple of candles liking the glow and the mood that it sets for the morning.  Quite, calm, pondering.
Macy made it up early this morning.  She's cuddled up in the rocker reading a book.  Nolan is just finished eating breakfast and is on his way out the door to do horse chores at "the barn."  Each day he has a part time job feeding and training horses in the morning at a local horse boarding farm.  He's starting the endless road most of us started years ago with work.  It is good for him.
I put another few pieces of wood in the stove already.  Now I am just waiting for them to catch.  I'm behind on wood being cut, and we still have a few weeks of cold weather ahead of us, so I bought some wood.  Today a fellow is going to be bringing over a cord of wood.  It's funny how years ago I had no idea about "cords" of wood.  No idea about how much wood that actually was.  Now, I am VERY familiar with it, and actually depend on knowing that kind of information when purchasing it.  I bought it because it's a whole lot cheaper to buy and burn than propane.  And even though we heat mostly with wood, I still had to buy propane this year.
Today is going to be a slow day.  A restful day.  I can feel it already. (besides the cord I will have to unload and stack later on this afternoon)


Camille.thomas said...

There are such benefits to living in a cold, snowy region of the country. In Los Angeles right now it is cold (for us - 59 degrees during the day), but beautiful and inviting outside. Hence, so many of us Angelenos are outside and all over the place. The options for places to go and things to do is tempting, almost endless. I love living here, but easily see the value in "snow days" and times of enforced rest.

Camille.thomas said...

Actually, this is Laura commenting above. I forgot to switch accounts!