Sunday, December 20, 2009

day one . . .

This was the view today as we pulled up to our new farm home. UNBELIEVABLY pretty with the fresh blanket of snow we got two days ago.

Walking into the side door, there is a bathroom and a "hallway" of sorts that leads to a "T" in the house. It's the separation of the 1900 build, and the new addition to the home.

To the left is the kitchen and family room. Don't let the warmth of the sun shining fool you into thinking that it was warm in the house. It was less than 32 degrees! Since we have radiator heat, and there is a problem with most of the radiators, the water is not on in the home yet. Hence, NO HEAT. Today I brought along some electric heaters and a couple of kerosene space heaters.

Day one consisted of tearing the wallpaper off the kitchen and family room walls and washing out the BEAUTIFUL oak cabinets in the kitchen. Because the house was so cold, the children wore their winter coats while they worked.

Ildi decided to bundle up even more than the children did!

Tomorrow I am going to get an earlier start with the children, and the plumber will be meeting me at the house to help get me some water. :)

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