Thursday, December 24, 2009

day four and five . . .

Wednesday we worked on getting more of the paper off the walls. I ended up getting some paint to re-motivate us and painted the kitchen and back hallway. It's nice to have something "finished" looking already even if we are still swamped in peeling paper. Wednesday night I brought the family back to our rental house and headed back up to stay the night and do some more work. I worked late, and then worked this morning until this afternoon.

Tomorrow morning we we will go up to a church in the area for service and then have a little Christmas time at the new house. After I drop the family back at home, I'll head back up to stay the night and do some more work. The goal is to get everything done before we move in. All of our earlier moves we worked on the homes as we lived in it, but I want to have this house finished so that when we move in, we just put the items away where they go.

I do need to replace all the old registers in the house before we get the heat turned on. And Saturday I find out when our wood cook stove comes in. I'm hoping that I can get it all done ready to move in by next Friday.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATS on the new house. We were blessed in July to get 10 acres and a newer house for our farm. I know the feeling when it comes to wallpaper and painting. We had to do about the same before we moved in.


Lct4j said...

Wow! Such an idyllic picture of the exterior of your home. It looks so promising inside, too. I know that within a short time it will have that Garth signature look. I can't wait to see the pictures of how you transform it into YOUR home, complete with beautiful, creative, artsy touches. I'm glad your transient living situation is over. Laura