Tuesday, December 15, 2009

closing the deal . . .

It's all coming down to the survey. As soon as it comes in, we are closing on the farm deal!

On Thursday we have an appointment with the Title Company to sign off on our new purchase. We should be able to get the keys by Friday, then we are free to move in anytime after that. I have written out a "work" plan for us to get started on and am glad that I will have Christmas break to do it. I really want to get a decorated Christmas Tree in our new home by this weekend, play some music, eat some cookies, and work on it to move in by the end of December. We plan to peel the wallpaper and paint before we move in.

This move will be nice because we are only moving 45 minute away form our rental farm. The last two moves out of the state was hard having to get everything into one gigantic move. This time, we can take our time and move things slowly and not be rushed to get it done.

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