Tuesday, July 7, 2009

back in Ohio . . .

I had one of those "what on earth am I doing" flashes yesterday when I was working with the chickens. It happened when I finished putting wire cloth as the sub floor so that the chicken droppings fall onto the ground and fertilize the grass, which makes it easier to clean up as well.

The whole flash happened while I was waiting for the chickens to go in and roost for the evening. It was a full moon, I sat in my camping chair on the back acre of the property drinking an ice coffee and using my wireless Internet service. Two different worlds colliding it seems. I thought about what I was doing only two years ago and how different life here is now. To be back in Ohio after all these years, doing what I was doing last night, all seemed a little surreal.

Meanwhile, the crazy birds haven't gotten the idea that they need to go in the egg mobile. Instead, they all hover in the corner of the run and start roosting for the night. Again last night I had to pick them up one by one and put them in. I need to figure out a new plan.

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lov said...

you make me laugh