Wednesday, October 22, 2008

on a sad note . . .

Death is inevitable. And it is always untimely. Not by God's planning, but in our understanding. A week ago Thursday morning, my brother showed up a my school to visit. I had a strange feeling that something was not right but dismissed it as I finished up the last few minutes of my sixth grade class. When the students left my room, I had a 1/2 free to visit, and to find out what warranted his coming to school. As I had anticipated, he told me that my father had died a few minutes earlier that morning. :(

He had been having a few minor problems with health over the last few years, and just a month or so ago went in to get checked. The doctors found a cancer spot in his bowels and decided they would operate to remove it. Long story short, they removed his bladder, the external sack gave him problems, and two weeks after surgery he was unable to hang on. It was sudden, and quite unexpected.

Not being close to my father leaves me with mixed emotions about his death. It also brings me closer to those that I love. I am grateful that I was able to visit with him more this last year than I have in twenty years, that I was able to be with my family during this time, and that my children were able to meet some of the extended family members they have never seen before. Death sure does remind me that we are only visitors of this world, and that our true eternal home is with Christ in heaven.


Jeffery Weita said...

I am very sorry to hear of your loss. I will pray for strength and wisdom for you during this time, that you will be both strengthened and a source of strength to your family, both immediate and extended. I pray that this will be a catalyst for a bonding and deepening of your family ties. Death, while inevitable to us all, is rarely a welcome visitor. Especially when it is a sudden one. Should you need someone to talk to, I will be here. You and your family are loved!

Anonymous said...

Dear Garth,
It saddens me to hear of the passing of your father. It has been awhile since I have read your blogs and usually I go back to where I left off and read to present day. For some reason today I started from your last entry. My prayers are with you during this difficult time.