Saturday, October 4, 2008

something to say . . .

Back when I was in school studying art I really never "felt" like an artist. I'm not sure what it was that artists were supposed to feel that made them an artist, but I knew then, that I did not feel like one. Was I good at making art? Sure. Actually, I frequently had students collect my work because they thought one day when I made it famous, they would have an original from when I was still unnoticed. Still, I was plagued with not feeling like an artist.

For me the turning point for feeling like an artist came when I started enjoying the art that I produced. I no longer wished my art to look like other's work. I no longer cared if it came out "right." I started making things I wanted to make. You know, art for garth's sake! :)

As well, I never did understand artists that had messages they wanted to communicate to the larger population, society, or the world. I thought most of it (you know the way artists talk about their work) was just a farce. It was a pretend way to make their work seem more important than it really was. I never pretended mine was more than ink, pencil or paint on a background. It didn't have any hidden meaning. It was just art. This "having a message" has begun to change for me now.

On October 17th, some of the Lima City School's art teachers will be displaying their work around the city. It is a night that the small city has set aside for the local High Schools bands to play, people to walk around and visit the local business, and the art teachers to display some of their work. It's sort-of the small town's way of being "cultural" I guess to bring people up a notch or two in the appreciation of the arts. On that night, I am going to be one of the artists showing my work.

Instead of using pieces of art that I have made before, I am creating a theme around a technique that I enjoy, and for the first time, a message that I have. This will be the first time where I am displaying my work with the intent of having something to say.


rob said...

I can't wait to see them! Hopefully you will post some images of them?

leigh anna said...

you know, i will always cherish the work of art you did for me and kyle. you may not think much of that drawing....but i look at it each and everyday and thank god for kyle, god given talents, and good people just like you! and that in itself is enough reason for me to think that you are famous!


rob said...

Email me with your addy and I'll get the next batch off to ya! They won't be as good as fresh out of the oven, but they should be good nevertheless.

foutfolk said...

Rob - I will on both of my blogs. More on the art blog though.

Leigh Anna - You are so encouraging. I miss being sarcastic with you. I don't have anyone at my new school that has fun the way you do at work. how is the new kinder class for you? And Argenous? Did he make it to first? :)

rob said...

Hey garth. I was hoping to have some poolish fermenting to make bagels over the weekend, but it looks like I'm going to be a bit behind on it.

I'll get on it as soon as I can.

leigh anna said...

what a shame there is no one to be sarcastic with!
you would be amazed at all the drama that is going on at the park this year. lets just say, last year....
it was like being on an episode of leave it to beaver compared to the strange happenings this year! :/

this years class is....different, i started out the year with 23, but i'm down to 19 now, they made one of the kindergarten classes have two teachers (shekita wright got the us 6 teachers) with 28 kiddos, and in that class there is an argenis. (but this little one's name is geovany) he is too cute for words, but can't sit still to save his life.

i have three kiddos with some pretty bad emotional problems, so i spend a lot of my day allowing those kids to scream bloody murder, while trying my best to teacher the far, its just making me want to cry...or of the two! :)

but just to let you know, i'm still calling them friends, and teaching them phrases like "that makes me happy in my heart" that makes me sad in my heart" "can i touch your body" "listening body" etc. you know all the "groovy" things you thought were so funny last year! :)

oh and by the way, i started a i'll have to facebook you the link, i'm trying my best to not be as open with this blog... being that i got stalked by my ex boyfriend with my last you know!