Tuesday, May 27, 2008

it pays to Discover...

Years ago, we cut up all of our credit cards when we joined Consumer Credit Counseling Service to become debt free. I won't go into the details about it here, but on this post, praise to God, I want to talk about the benefit of credit card use.

Last month I drove up to Ohio for a job fair. I made mention in an earlier post about it, and that I had a road issue with the rental car. I ran over a piece of rubber in West Virgina right before the second toll booth, near Beckley, WV. I was fine, but the radiator was damaged, leaking all the coolant, resulting in the car overheating and possibly blowing the engine. All I know is that I was traded out a car and only lost three hours of traveling time. When I returned after my trip, I found out that they were going to junk the car, and the charge to me was going to be $3395.16 for all the damage. Quite an expensive trip to Ohio. Since I only had liability insurance on my vehicle, and I refused the extra insurance they offered at Enterprise Rental, I would have to be responsible for the whole amount.

The young man I talked with at Enterprise claims gave me a tip about calling to see if my credit card would help me with the bill. Before this past year, Ildi and I had made the decision not to use credit cards because they had gotten me into trouble before, but when we moved across the nation I got one "just in case" and I used it to charge the move. Since then, it just sat idle in my wallet until I rented this car.

After photocopying paperwork, filling in and sending in information, I had not thought too much about it until I got home from school today. In the mail was a letter from an insurance group that works with Discover card. They referenced the claim, and mentioned that the letter they were sending was in reference to Collision Damage Waiver coverage. The next paragraph read
"Payment in the amount of $3395.16 has been issued to the Enterprise Rent A Car. A copy is enclosed for your records."
What a surprise! Discover COVERED my damage to the rental car. It really does pay to Discover.

Now, we really do know that it is God's hand moving on our behalf, so thanks goes to Discover Card Services, credit and praise goes to God.

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