Saturday, May 31, 2008

wrapping it up...

As you can see, I have made a few changes to the blog. For starters, I added a widget from the Library Thing. These are some of the books that we are reading or have read. Another item is the counter. I never thought about it before this week, but the other day I was interested in seeing how many visitors check out our blog. What will I do with this information? Nothing :) Just an interesting tid-bit for me and a way to stretch my computer skills.

I have one more week of school, and no prospects of a new job yet. Last year at this time I was in the same boat, and in the month of July had to decide between three different job offers. I am assuming that it will be the same this year. Each time I apply for a school I get excited and practically move myself into that community. Ildi finds a a house in the country and we fantasize about living there. It is fun to dream about the situation.

Now that school is almost over, we are going to spend some of the beginning of the summer visiting places here in North Carolina. First, we are going to the Biltmore Estate. And of course, we will visit the NC Zoo which is only an hour away. Since we have been here, we have enjoyed a membership to Old Salem and have visited the living museum many times. In addition, there are many pottery places that I want to see located at Seagrove. We are going to start getting milk from a farmer in South Carolina, so our trip down there will take us close to Charlotte. The couple of times we go down to get milk will give us a chance to drive around there for a visit. I do have to confess though that I am not really interested in visiting such a large city.

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