Tuesday, May 13, 2008

discipline again?...

Disciplining children seems to be an endless task as a parent. Sometimes we wish that they would just "get it" and not bother us with the same old bad behavior. With this in mind, I want to share a few things that I have been reviewing in the book I just finished reading called Teach Them Diligently by Lou Priolo.

These are evaluative questions we should be asking ourselves concerning correcting our children. I have shortened them and changed a few of the words to make it a quick list.

1. Do I teach them in the moment?
2. Do I talk to them about why I am disciplining them?
3. Do I confront them regularly or wait until I am mad?
4. Do I communicate with grace?
5. Do I correct in private?
6. Do they understand why they are being disciplined?
7. Do they understand biblically what they have done wrong?
8. Do they agree that they need discipline for their behavior?
9. Do you apply practical and predicable discipline?
10. Do you use this time to proclaim the Gospel?
11. Do you discuss alternative ways to respond to the problem?
12. Do you use scripture to instruct and correct?
13. Do you require the child to make restitution?
14. Do you comfort and pray with them when it is over?
and lastly,
15. Do you ask for feedback on your disciplining to correct some of your bad behaviors?

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Ginny said...

Thanks for the comment. I have been on a journey to modest dressing for many years. It was not an overnight thing. As for the "plain" dressing, well I suppose I became interested in Anabaptists and found a look that I liked. I studied the Anabaptist ways for a while, but I wouldn't say that I am one. I prefer to just be biblical. I'm not saying that everything I do or am is in line with all of scripture, surely, but that is what I strive for.

My family did not have a problem with it. They asked what was up, listened to what I had to say, accepted it, and moved on. We have never really discussed it since. I don't believe that this is the only way to dress to be a modest Christian woman. That's why I don't preach about it on my blog. ;-)

As for my husband, he dresses fairly modestly, also. But, I wouldn't say that he wears a "plain" uniform or anything like that. I know that to many we look Amish, but to the Amish we look worldly. LOL! We are just trying to please the Lord.

I don't know how this answer comes across. It is difficult to answer these kinds of questions with such short answers, especially when you don't really know someone. I am not good at long dissertations.

But, thanks for asking! :-D