Tuesday, April 22, 2008

tid bits...

First off, we celebrated Gresham's second birthday today in the traditional Fout family style. We all sit around and sing to the birthday child and then eat an EXCELLENT home made dessert. Macy made a cake and it was topped with strawberries and vanilla ice cream. This year, for some reason, we didn't buy any gifts for the children for their birthdays. It is sort-of a strange feeling not to give gifts during a birthday celebration. We have not decided to eliminate giving gifts all of the sudden, it just worked out that we did not purchase them this whole year for the children. They have been extremely mature about it, and on occasion made things for each other. It is very sweet to witness brothers and sisters wanting to give gifts to each other of items they make. Reminds me of the family values coming alive.

Next, we are officially a two bird family now. Ildi baked some chicken for us the other night, adding some baked potatoes, and some skillet fried corn. Our family has grown so much that we polish off two of them for one meal. Scares me to think of our future food needs. :)

The Ohio teacher job fair trip was outrageous. Partly because I ran over a tire rubber on the road and damaged the rental car so much that it was inoperable. I did get a switch-out car in WV and it only took about three hours out of my travel time. At the job fair I was one of eight hundred people applying for the three hundred or so open positions. I waited in lines for over forty minutes to just meet and talk for three minutes and introduce myself. Reminded me of a farmer's market gone bad. We'll see if I get any calls from it.

I also got an almost full price offer on my house in Rowland Heights. An investor has offered on the property and I am excited to write up the proposal and mail it to her. With the house selling, we will be able to buy a larger plot of land this summer. In addition, the renter who I had there returned from Taiwan and is interested in renting again. Either way, renting or selling, it will be a good deal.


Ginny said...

Gresham looks very happy about his cake and all the attention.
And, those birds look luscious!

I hope you get that house sold and a job in Ohio, soon.

Ginny said...

Thanks for the comment, but I certainly don't want to cause anyone to stumble! ;-)

We are busting our backs trying to get this coop done, so we can get the birds out on Saturday. We have had to redo a couple of things. (If I had only listened to my beloved's suggestion...)

Anyway, it is coming right along.

Thanks, again. :-D