Tuesday, April 8, 2008

back to...

Sunday when we got home I was so excited to post; I had so much to say and was unable to decide which thought to convey. I had planned out each post and believed it would take me a whole week to say "what I wanted to say". The thoughts were tentatively in my mind and I was excited to spend the week writing about what I was thinking. Two days back at work and POOF! All of the thoughts are gone. Makes me wonder if I had any good thoughts at all.

I am trying to recollect the ideas that I had. You know, sort-of like when you forget something you run through your mind what you had been doing up to that point. But still nothing. :(

I'm sure if I wait on it a little longer, I'll remember what was so important.


Ginny said...

Well, if you forgot it, it must not have been that important! That's what I tell myself, anyway... LOL!

Garth & Ildi Fout said...

So true....I am still racking my brain because it seemed so important, and something I really wanted to write about.