Sunday, April 6, 2008

spring break 08...

In the past, spring break has always been a time when I do lots of different activities. Activities that sometimes need to be done, and some that I just want to do. Several things come to mind...I remember boiling the kitchen cabinet hardware to get the paint off, painting rooms of our home, landscaping/planting things in our yard, and preparing a house to sell. Yet, with all of the variety, I can't remember a spring break time that did not involve traveling of some kind. This year was no different concerning traveling. It involved driving up to Ohio to visit friends and family.

While there I learned a few things along the way. It is always nice to incorporate pleasurable break time with learning experiences.

Some homesteading friends of mine are on the fast track of doing as many things as possible for themselves. Each of them have unique talents for providing for their families, and sometimes for others as well. Here's a list of the things I (and at times my family) did while we were there.

~Visited the Amish to buy 150 lbs. of wheat, 4 g. of maple syrup, popcorn, oil, and some salt.
~Attended a Weston A. Price meeting to hear about Gut health.
~Helped bottle and label some home-brewed ale cider. (pictured above)
~Helped process chicken. (I made sure the lungs and wind pipe were removed)

Not only was it a good visiting time, but it was also a good learning time. The only downside to taking a trip like this is the mountain of work that is accumulated for us to do when we get home.

But it is always worth it. :)


Ginny said...

Yes, it is always worth it. It was always my job, when helping our friends butcher chickens, to do the initial evisceration. Fun, fun, fun. :-D

Ginny said...

Thanks for the comment. :-D

No, those chicks that we just got are our layers. We will be doing meat birds later, though. :-D

Marci said...

Where do you visit when you come to Ohio? We live in Ohio in Amish country.

Marci said...

My husband heard your comment on our blog about our wedding attire... He said they must be really young. We were after the "groovy" period. I think he wanted you to know that. =)