Sunday, March 23, 2008

spring is here...

Sunday...spring-like weather. What a beautiful day. Today we decided to visit a church that is close to our house. We went to a wonderful Baptist church down the street from the rental home. Both Ildi and I commented on how lovely it is to visit places and experience how the body of Christ worships the Lord. The service was short, to the point, and full of hope for a dying world.

When we returned home, the children spent the day making things and playing. Photos above show the marbled eggs we dyed. The colored eggs we buy at the market make interesting colors along with the dyes. The children have been saving the shells of the eggs they eat and we used empty eggs to dye this year. Actually, I think this is the first time we have ever dyed eggs for Easter.

It was so nice outside that we also took a bike ride this weekend. Just around the corner from us is a country road that we have ridden on before. There is a farmer that lives at the end of the road and we have been down to his farm a couple of times to see his cows. He has the kind that has a white circle around it's stomach. Sort-of like an Oreo cookie. Neat looking creatures.

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