Sunday, March 30, 2008

nature's art...

God has a way of showing His wonderful creative ability through his creation. This is a picture of the Luna Moth Asher found at the Farmer's Market. We also bought a cocoon of another moth from a young man who raises moths. It will probably hatch in a week or two. It is a fascinating process to watch. In all, it takes about two hours for it to hatch and spread it's wings full.

Moths only live for a week or so, and live only to reproduce. Since their sole purpose is to reproduce, they don't spend time looking for food. In fact, they don't have mouths. The caterpillar goes through several instar periods (5) before the pupa stage. The children are hoping that the cocoon we have is a female so they will breed! Sounds fun huh? Right now the children are watching it fly all around the house. Gresham is SQUEALING when it takes off from our hands.

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