Sunday, March 30, 2008

spring break...

This next week, on Tuesday, is the start of the spring break from school. For some strange reason, we are to attend school on Monday, then break is from Tuesday through Friday. O.K., that is weird! I guess it's a south thing.

Speaking of the south, I watched a movie the other night. God's and Generals. It is interesting watching movies that have a bend towards the south while living here IN the south. I guess I never paid too much attention to it before, but hearing people talk, and having the general attitude about the difference between the North and South, it has been a lesson in the history of the conflict in this part of the nation. The movie wasn't that good. :(

Anyway, we re on our way to the North this week. Probably Tuesday. We have some friends we will stay with for a few days, have made some new friends that we will stay with for a day or so, and will spend an afternoon or evening visiting my family. I hope to go and visit the towns where I sent applications to as well. Three small cities that are hiring art teachers this year. If I get a job in one of the smaller cities, we will be able to buy a farm outside the city limits and settle there for our homesteading adventure. If I don't find a permanent position, or if I get a job in another part of the state, we will need to decide whether we buy or rent like we did here. I think that I would rather rent for another year than to make a mistake a buy in an area that we are not familiar with and grow to dislike. Pray that I find a job in a small city and we are able to find a nice piece of property to start our agrarian life. More-so, pray that God's will be done.

Having an open heart to where the Lord will plant us makes it easy to get rejection letters back from schools that I have applied too. Instead of thinking that they don't "want" me, or that I am not qualified enough to teach there, it is a great comfort to know that it is not where God wants us. It is a confirmation, not a rejection. If only I could see this in every aspect of my life I would find less conflict, strife, and discontent.

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