Wednesday, August 8, 2007

In reflection of today's events, I thought of several things. During our school/county training, we were required to role play several times acting out real life school situations using the new teaching strategies we have been learning. (using William Powers' work on PCT)

Anyway, when most people were acting out their skit, they spoke with a pronounced southern accent. It dawned on me that they were not "putting" on a southern accent like I had done before. In fact, they had a southern accent.

Tonight, after I got home, I went to the store to buy half/half for our morning coffee, two other occurrences reminded me that I was no longer in proverbial "Kansas" anymore. One was the shock of going outside after dark and it being as hot as it was during the day. That's just plain weird. Secondly, frogs were crawling on the side of our house. Two of them were sitting on the shutters like they were waiting for the next convention. When I get a moment, and a service besides dial-up, I'll post a couple of photos of their visit!

Good report...We have found the MILK. Ildi contacted someone today who purchases milk in SC and then transports it to the lucky customers here.


Tim said...

We're so glad that you have made it safe and sound and somewhat sane to NC!! We'll be looking forward to hearing/reading the Fout story unfold- and we do pray you find that farm!! (Just make sure it has a good guest house as we'll want to do a vaca out there sometime:)

Tim Unfreid

Lenora said...

Well written article.