Wednesday, August 1, 2007

in and settlin'

The trip, in hindsight, wasn't all that bad. Looking back over the last few weeks it seems to have gone all to plan. Traveling, staying with friends, finding a place, then moving in. Rather simple really.

Our stay at our friends was refreshing. Lovely couple with six beautiful children. Having been raised in Ohio only a few miles away, I was completely taken by my new attitude about the northwestern part of the state. I actually could envision myself moving there! We spent time visiting, cooking outside over the fire pit, and visiting some local agrarian farmers. The time spent with them completely motivated me to action. I really want to own a farm now.

After our stay, we drove down to NC to find a rental home. Our idea was to rent for a year while we look for possible places to buy. The hunt for a home was exhausting, mostly due to the time crunch with finding an address to have our furniture shipped, but after two full days of looking, we settled on a house a few miles from the school where I'll be teaching. Here's a picture of the side yard. I mean the side forest :)

We have begun to travel out to see what the countryside looks like and are excited about the possibility of actually owning some of it to farm!

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tc said...

I wish you all God's best in your new adventure!