Sunday, August 26, 2007

back to school again

This Monday will be the first day back to school. I am somewhat excited to get the year started, but more excited to get it over with. Not that I don't want to teach this year or in the school that I am at, but that this year the task of finding a farm will be consuming our thoughts and actions. Although it hasn't taken any of our time yet. We are still slowly moving into our rental home! Yesterday and today were successful days in the house. We got most of the boxes of books unloaded onto the shelves. More and more it is feeling like home.

I read a great article in Newsweek today. It was an article about the newest trend of Universities to go Green. Going Green is just a shorter way of saying that the school is interested in the environment and is doing it's part in trying to reduce, reuse, and recycle. From the looks of it, over the next few years we should see some graduates come from the schools with more of the "good life" desires. New degrees are being offered and even new schools like the School of Sustainability being offered in the fall of '08 at Arizona State University.

Which leads me to the reason we moved. We had talked about sustainable farming for awhile before we actually sold our city home to move the more rural area of Winston-Salem. After being here for a month now, we are beginning to feel like this too is a little too city-like. Our original plan was to purchase a house on a couple of acres and grow some food for us to live by. As well as vegetation, we would add some animals to the mix when we were settled and knew how to take care of them.

Now the story is unfolding slightly different than that. We are now working on the thoughts of owning several acres and the possilibilties that come with owning a substantial amount of land. I can hear some of my friends saying "what are you guys doing NOW!" But, you know us, willing to take the risk a do something a little different. Speaking of different, it doesn't seem all too different with the amount of people we read about who are already working on family farms and now this new information about schools working on becoming more agrarian

In the next few weeks, we are going to visit a church in Tennessee. It's right on the border of Tennesse and Virginia. It's a family integrated church that Ildi has been looking at online for awhile now. For the meantime, we have been attending a church in the neighboring city of Greensboro. Quite a lovely group of Christians who love God and one another.

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