Saturday, July 2, 2011

several things to do . . .

Haying is a hot, dusty job that takes some getting used to.  And yesterday we spent some of the day getting HOT and DUSTY with grass.

The boys and I have helped out with putting hay up on other people's places, but this is our very FIRST hay crop from our OWN farm.  In addition to the boys and I working outside, the girls helped out as well heaving the 50lbs bales around!  It was WORK!

Since we don't have large machinery on the farm, we are asking others for help with some of the tasks around the place.  An old, wise farmer/friend came over and mowed, raked, and baled this batch for us the other day.  Being dry enough, today we put it up in the barn for winter feed for the animals.  Total from this small patch of land was 108 bales.  He did some more cutting this past evening and next week he will get to the other 8 or so acres.  No buying hay this year and having it hauled to my farm!

 Asher has been working with Mr. Wilson for some time now.  He is one of the several grandsons that own farm land around my property.  He owns his parents old house around the corner from us and uses it as a bee yard for his bee keeping passion.  His granfather is the man that built my home and farm.  The farm has been in his family for years, until the mid 80's when it was sold to "outsiders."  Since then, it has changed hands a few times with different stewards for the area's historic farm.  He is a kind, generous, helpful grandfatherly man that has taken a liking and interest in Asher sharing the same passion for tending bees and trapping.  He is a WORLD of information for Asher AND our family. They even both share the same birthday!  Yesterday he noticed we were using the push mower to clean up around the fence row and decided to be a helping hand, AGAIN.  He brought down his tractor and bushhog so I could mow the large teasel weeds that cover the woods pasture.  It was fun driving a tractor and taking out the plants in one BIG swoop!  Hopefully it will give the smaller grasses and clover some sun in order to grow. 
 We are also in the process of cleaning up and finishing off the upstairs garage attic turning it into a game room.  Along with the ping pong table I bought years ago, I purchased a foosball table for the children and I to play with.  Since we rarely go to town or do "outings," I wanted to have several things for them to do while they are here on the farm.  Riding and playing with animals, pond swimming and canoeing, bows and arrow/gun shooting in the woods, and now the game room.  I am teaching Nolan some construction skills of drywall on some small pony walls I built.  Next he is going to mud/tape, and then paint them. Currently I am staining the wood floors and will be leaving the walls and the ceiling raw lumber for the rustic look I LOVE.  I am turning the room into a country, turn of the century farm looking homestead room full of drying herbs hanging from the ceiling, bucket lights, and farm knick-knack to adorn the wall space. 

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LauraT said...

We have got to come out there and visit you country folks! We would love to try out that new game room that I know is going to be sensational! Maybe next summer...