Friday, November 19, 2010

metal/concrete graveyard find . . .

Here's another UP-CYCLED farm project that is now being used in the house.  Nolan and I came up with this idea after seeing an example of it in our copy of Back to Basics homestead book.

It started with some metal rings that we found out in the metal/concrete graveyard.  The metal/concrete graveyard is a place on our farm where the people before us (like ALL of the people before us) threw all the extra stuff that they did not want to deal with.  Currently we are digging through it to find treasure items like this to turn into functional tools for the home.

I cut a piece of wood for the bottom, screwed the rings in at a log's length, then attached the top together with some wire.  It works great to store wood in the house.  It is upright keeping all the wood off the surface area of the floor.  It also gives air the opportunity to flow through and dry the wood if need be.

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