Tuesday, November 16, 2010

small . . . real small

This is me . . . when I was REALLY young. My mom had pictures of all of her children taken at three months old.  So this is what I looked like at three months.  That was forty-five years and some months ago. :)

I was born in 1964, in a small rural town in Ohio.  It was the kind of town where high school football was BIGGER than life, young people hung around the Dairy Queen parking lot to talk, and EVERYONE knew everyone's business.  It was small, real small.

I don't have any memories prior to kindergarten, but what I have been told is that I only weighed 5 pounds and 4 ounces.  Even though I was little, the doctors let me go home under the condition that I did not lose any of my ounces.  My mom said I kept my weight and was able to stay home.  :)  I was the second son, the third child, of John and Pat Fout.  Both my parents grew up in even smaller towns and moved to Kenton, Ohio where they spent most of the rest of their lives.  Six years after my arrival my parents had another son.  So the final count was three boys and one girl.

This is my very first school picture.  Kindergarten.  Oh the memories of Kindergarten.  :)  I attended a school quite far from my house so my mom drove me to school each day.  Like my brother and sister did before me, I went to Espy Elementary.  AM class for me for the year.  My mom said that we went to that school because no other elementary had kindergarten!

I remember sleeping on my rug during nap time, sliding down the metal slide at recess, and attending a birthday party once where I brought the little girl the exact same purse that four other boys brought her!  Those are just a few of the several memories I have of the first year of school.  All of which were good.  Thank God.

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