Thursday, October 7, 2010

the one-seater . . .

My Etsy business has taken OFF this past year and I find that I am out in the wood shop most nights cutting chalkboards. However, I am finding some time each evening to do a "little" work on the outhouse and have gotten about half way done with it. Here's some updated photos of my progress thus far.

Inside seat (it's a one-seater)

Sliding Plexiglas windows with screen

View from the front

I have it close to the garage now while I am working on it, but when I am finished, it will go out next to the Big Barn. I am painting it the same color as the rest of the outbuildings and trimming it to match the barns.

I suppose if I keep at it a little at a time, I'll be able to finish it in a week or so. Good thing, I have an after-school program of 60 children coming to visit the farm the latter part of the month. And it has to be ready for then!

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