Thursday, October 28, 2010

more before and after . . .

This is the bridge in the woods that I now have completed.  It was a bear to get there and I ended up having to take it mostly apart after building it.  I built it close to electricity, and then when Nolan and I started on our journey out to where we where going to install it, we ended up popping two of the tires on the Gator!  It was REALLY heavy.  We left it in route to the creek for a couple of weeks until we had more materials to work with, and decided how we could get it there with LESS work.

The pasture behind our woods is a 17 acre field used for crops
And this woods view is back up to our Big Barn.  Right above where the new bridge sits.
And now for some more before/after pictures of the house . . . down the stairs to the basement is our Downstairs Kitchen.  I don't have the electric stove hooked up yet, but that is the next electrical piece I do down there.  I painted the walls white and the floor a favorite coffee color.  We have harvested the pear tree and are using the floor space there to allow the pears to ripen.
 The second room we are calling the Garden room.  It beats calling it the second room huh? It is the area where we store come winter items when not in use, and some canning materials.
And our laundry room also got updated as well.  Sure makes doing laundry a little nicer.
And now the laundry area is equipped with a small dress-up area for the children to change after swimming, or being outside in the snow.  And the clothes stay RIGHT THERE in the laundry room!
And here is the final change in my bedroom.  It went from BRIGHT, flowery, and cold to DARK, plain, and warm.  Just the way I like it.


19lt70 said...

Wow! I'm so impressed! But not surprised....

Kit Fisher said...

Garth, we have lots of "befores" in our house, and virtually no "afters!" You are inspiring me to work on my awful, nasty, dirty laundry room that's attached to the back of our garage. Maybe I can send you a "before" picture, and you can tell me what to do? Good grief, where to begin....

foutfolk said...

Kit . . . I am sure with a little motivation you could tackle the basement and make it great. Life is too short to live with an UGLY basement.

Send me some after pictures to get a feel for your style and I will help you come up with a simple solution for that nasty ole basement of yours. :)

Kit Fisher said...

I take a pic or two of the laundry room, and I'll hunt around for "vision" pics. Honestly, if it could look a little more like a room and less like a grimy storage shed, I think I'll be doing well :)

Question for you--is that paint directly on the concrete on your walls and floor?

foutfolk said...

I often use inspiration pictures from magazines to make up a room. Obviously I don't use the materials they have, but I try to get the feel of the room in color and decor.

Yes, I paint right on the concrete. I painted white on the walls since it is a fairly dark basement. I usually avoid white though. I used a Watertite water sealing paint to keep out most of the water. On the floor I used a porch and floor paint. The paint takes a beating and looks great. That's why I use it. On my floor I used a Martha Stewart Coffee color.

It is amazing what a few dollars will do for the basement. Keep me posted and email me with some pictures of what you are thinking.