Saturday, October 10, 2009

hard to believe . . .


Two years in the thinking, planning, and praying, and finally the time has come for us to get our milk cow. It's hard to believe she is actually here.

Janey came to us last night via a wonderful young couple from Leesburg, Ohio. Last Wednesday, I took a half day off from school to drive down to their farm and look at the Jerseys they were selling. My neighbor Steve went with me to help me since he has had quite a bit of experience with animals, including cows. I decided to get the one they took to the local elementary to let the kindergarten students milk. He said she was real calm and would make a great family cow.

It has been fun to watch the children dawdle over her already. Milking her this morning and evening was a real learning experience for them. The morning milking yielded a couple of cream filled gallons. However, this evening's milking was a bust not being able to keep her feet out of the milk pail. :) The things you learn in a day with a cow.


Lct4j said...

Congratulations! Janey-how cute! I bet the milk is fabulous. What a big step in being more self-sufficient. Your kids look beautiful and are really growing up.

Tim Unfreid said...

Yes it is hard to believe!! The dream is becoming reality! This is great you guys. I can't wait to hear how the ice cream turns out :) Kids are looking super! And Gresham? My goodness has he grown! Actually all the kids!!