Friday, January 16, 2009

trick of the trade . . .

It's REALLY cold here now. -14 with a wind chill factor of 30 below. WOWSY!

A couple of new tricks of the trade and that I have learned when dealing with the cold weather.

1. Stack bales of straw around the base of your house to deter the weather from freezing your pipes.

2. Put a heat lamp, or a light bulb, on the well pump to keep it warm and working.

3. Take the drier hose off, blow out the lint, turn the dryer on to warm up the washing machine pipes when they freeze.

And most importantly

4. Don't try to spray paint anything . . . the paint only sprays out like GODZILLA spewing a stream of fire. :)

It is so cold that Wednesday our school let out early and was canceled Thursday and today. Monday is a recognized holiday so that makes a five (5) day mini-winter holiday for me. Makes me want to shout out some "it's so cold" jokes.


rob said...

MLK day is a holiday for us as well, but for some reason us support guys still have to show up!

I'll be thinking about you enjoying all that wonderful snow. ;)

Don F said...

Hey, can you send us some of that snow? It's been pretty warm here. :)

Lauren W. said...

Who are the two in the snow?

Y'all are so lucky to get snow! I was in Illinois for 3 weeks and not one snowflake fell.

foutfolk said...

rob . . . So why don't you have the day off? I thought it was the whole staff. Are you contracted 265 days?

don . . . I talked with my mother-in-law and she was bragging that it was 85 yesterday. For three days I have had to thaw water pipes and today thaw the P trap to the washer . . . that was after it dumped all the dirty laundry water on the floor. :) I am learning heeps this winter.

lauren . . . That's Nolan closer to the house and Amory on the sled. You and your family are welcome to come and stay with us for awhile!

Lauren W. said...

I would love to but, I have already left Illinois and am back in the world of school and homework. Definitely in the summer, and then again in the winter to see y'all!