Saturday, January 10, 2009

get through the crowds . . .

My brother made the boys two gun racks for Christmas to house the GUNS I BOUGHT. You bought WHAT you ask? Yup, I bought me some guns. And that is plural. Not just one.

WOW, what an experience I had at the gun show. It is a whole new world of people that I really never thought I would be rubbing elbows with. We (Weihrocky and his older boys, and Patrick and one of his sons) went last Saturday to the gun show in Allen county. The have the gun show the first weekend of the month around here. I was actually planning to go to the one in December but had a conflicting schedule with looking at houses. So, we decided to make it for the January show.

We got there around 9:30 am and the parking lot at the fair grounds was packed! We proceeded to get in line to pay our entrance fee, and after we secured that we would be able to look at all the weapons everyone brought, everyone just followed the leader around, up and down the isles looking at all the guns, knives, pistols, and hunting gear that was on display for sale. Having lived in Los Angeles for years and dealing with large crowds of people, I broke rank and scanned the the whole room to find the traffic pattern. Asher, Nolan and I used our big city navigation to get through the crowds and find what we were looking for. We were there for two things. A 20 gauge shotgon, and a 22 caliber semi-automatic rifle. The men that went with us went mostly to look, and to sell a couple of guns, but to help me find the right guns to buy. They were REALLY helpful in that I know nothing about guns and would not know which ones that were right for us. Worked out that I got exactly what I wanted, for a fair price, and am really happy about our choices. In fact, twelve people offered to buy the rifle from me as I walked around the gun show with it. On Sunday Steve helped us "scope it in" and we spent the afternoon shooting. I really had more fun than I planned!


Patrick said...

Glad you can now defend the homeland from intruders, robbers, pesky squirrels, and deer. The gunshow is a blast, isn't it?

Allen Shropshire said...

It was a special day when 38 years ago, my father took me to a sporting goods store and bought me my first rifle. A model 94 Winchester 30/30. That day was eclipsed though by the day I took my own sons to buy their first rifles. I was tickled to see your post. We have spent many, many days afield hunting or just plinking - enjoying one another and God's creation.