Friday, November 21, 2008

too close to home . . .

Winston now finds himself in the middle of a cell, surrounded by others who have been arrested by the Thought Police for crimes against the inner party of Big Brother. His situation, being exacerbated by his recent discovery of his own thoughts and feelings, is a dismal , one-way street to the inevitable vaporization that happens to all who dare to "live" life outside the view of the telescreen.
The telescreen . . . I feel like I too have the telescreen where big brother watches my every move. My actions, words, thoughts, are all scrutinized by big brother. My philosphy, my reasoning, my rationale for teaching is constantly questioned. The overlooking of "Big Brother" has gotten to the point where every action and reaction from me or my students is becoming an exercise in psychology and sociology.
On a lighter note, Saturday morning I am taking the boys hunting for the first time. Deer season is in, I have borrowed a shotgun, we have the licenses, and I went and bought the "hunter safety orange" vests to wear. It should be fun sitting in the woods, quietly, motionless, faintly breathing waiting to see if a deer happens to walk our way. I am a little nervous about what to do with it afterwards though. I am sure I'll figure it out. You know, "I'll cross that bridge when I get there."