Wednesday, November 26, 2008

random acts of thought . . .

This past week I finished the book 1984 written by George Orwell (Eric Blair). Winston, the main character of the story has finally learned to love Big Brother. Certainly not the ending I was expecting. It always fascinates me to read , or in this case listen to, books that are written by people who use pen names. What is it with the pen names? Do people think that their own name doesn't sound fluid enough to sell their stories? Is there a question about the meaning of their name that hinders them from using it in the first place? Whether it is a writer, singer, or actor, it seems that those that use pen names, or stage names, eventually revert to using their given names to credit their work. If they are eventually going to use their given name, why don't they just start out using it in the first place.

In talking about names, I have found it quite interesting that ART is included in my name. G art H is my given name, which means keeper of the garden, and it dawned on me years ago when I started teaching art that it was included in the middle of my name. Of what great magnitude is it that that occurs? None. It is just an interesting detail, among many, that are a part of my life.

We will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my family this year. It will be the first time we will have a Thanksgiving meal together in that most of our lives we lived several thousands of miles away.

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