Thursday, February 14, 2008

life's lessons cont...

So after the change of attitude (which I wasn't doing that well with) the thought of fixing it didn't seem that bad. I ended up taking Ildi's advice and I got online and looked up more information. This time I Google searched "replacing a motor coupling". WOW! I got tons of information and even some pictures of my EXACT washer parts. Now I was acually EXCITED to fix it. I had information, pictures, and a step by step narrative. All I needed now was the part. I got on Whirpool's website and ordered a new coupling. $18.89 including shipping in all. It would be seven days before it arrived, but I had the time to wait on it. The part came on a Monday and Nolan was ready to get started on it. After dinner, I told Ildi that we would repair it, put it back together, then see if it works. However, if it didn't work, or there were any gliches, I was going to Costco before they closed to pick a new washer. By this time, I had resolved that it would probably work and I wouldn't have to buy a new one. Low and worked. We did have an initial funny smell and a little leaking, but after a little more research, and taking it apart again to adjust some parts, we are free and clear to wash again!
In retrospect, I realized several of life's lessons. Lessons God had shown me before but apparently had forgotten. Choosing to have a good attitude helps everyone. Mostly me. When problems arrive, if I take the time to try to figure it out and deal with it, I grow in His grace. Who's life is it anyway? When I get angry that something or someone is taking my time, I have to think about the way I am spending my time in spite of the situation I am in.
Fixing a washer is probably an easy thing to do for someone who is mechanically inclined. Sort-of like teaching a whole grip of junior high students art is for me. I am glad first that our washer works. Beats going to the laundrymat! Second, that I listened to Ildi and fixed it myself. It gives me more confidence in my ability to fix things and more trust in God that He is still on about me growing in grace.

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