Friday, May 27, 2011

hatching our own . . .

The weekend of Easter, Dad and I decided to hatch out our own chickens. So I got together what we needed. Almost a month later...CHICKENS!

Wednesday the 18th, I noticed one of the eggs was cracked.

We watched for about a hour but nothing happened. Next morning, I went to check, and the egg was cracked almost all the way around!  

It struggled for about fifteen minutes and then out it popped! Unfortunately, the rest of the eggs did not make it. Here is a picture of the chick after it was dry. Now the mom is so protective of her chick that she will attack me whenever I go near.

Posted by Macy


LauraT said...

How fun! Good for you, Macy!

William Cross said...

Nice looking chick there Macy, congratulations. I remember the look on our kids faces the first time they saw one hatch :)