Sunday, April 24, 2011

planting these ones . . .

I normally don't respond to mail campaigns for donations.  I am a little, really a lot, skeptic that even a dime goes to the actual cause.  But a few weeks ago I got a letter from the Arbor Foundation that wanted a minimal donation of only eight dollars.  Even when they are minimal like that, I don't respond.  I like helping people or organizations out where I can see where the money has helped them, not being used to pay a WHOLE bunch of people who sit behind a desk to solicit more funds.
On this occasion they send me 10 flowering trees and 2 Lilac bushes.  I had dug the holes on Friday to plan out where I wanted to see some beautiful foliage in the future, then yesterday some of the children and I went about planting them.  Since it was a warm day, they went barefoot, AND got to dig in the dirt!  Does it get any better than that for a child?

 The trees that came were color marked so we were able to tell the difference between them.  And they were really small.  It will be several years before we get to see the fruit (the beautiful spring buds) of planting these ones.  In a week or so I will be receiving the 11 fruit trees I ordered, and the 30 raspberry bushes that will be adorning the small patch of woods next to the house.  I am excited to get, and plant them.

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