Saturday, August 21, 2010

back to school . . .

Well . . . summer break is coming to a close. That means school/work starts again!

For years now people have asked me if I like going back to school after the summer break. As well, they have said things like "Aren't you going to miss staying home . . . " and "Are you READY for school to start?" It it really interesting how throughout the years my attitude has changed about work at home and away.

For the most part I keep quite a simple attitude about going back to school after the summer break. I am here when I am here, and when school starts, I am there. No emotion, no attitude, no wishing something different. It is what it is. When school starts I am happy to go and teach and enjoy the friendships I am making professionally. I spend time training students to become productive citizens. And I make lots of artwork!

I never spend time "counting down" the days until time off is over. That is a waste of energy and can be quite depressing. I don't "wish" it was Friday so I could get home for the weekend. I don't HURRY UP to relax! I just take each day as it comes . . . enjoy it, and be as productive in it as possible (minus the days that I am purposely lazy!)

So, am I ready to go back to work . . . well, not today, but Monday I will be! :)

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Mom and Me said...

I like that attitude. Here is a thought that goes along with that..."We often spend so much time thinking about the past and planning for the future that we forget to live today."

Have fun!! Chuck Franks