Saturday, May 22, 2010

co-existing with nature . . .

More wild animals visiting the farm. It is a such a treat to see so many different types of wildlife here. Beats driving so long to get to the Zoo and fighting the crowds of people. (and seeing all the animals in cages with a pretend background) Here, they are co-existing with us in a natural setting and we seem to be sharing the place together.

One week and three days and it is all over for this school year. And WOW what a different school year it has been compared to last year! Last year, after teaching for 20 years, I almost threw in the towel. As I mentioned in past posts, it was a horrible year of teaching students. I probably have not had a worse year ever in my profession. Fast forward to now. I had a fun, easy, creative year with the two schools I taught. Actually, I am already looking forward to starting the next year with the same students and building on the training I gave them this year in art. At the beginning of school I will be able to start creating with them right away since I have already taught them for an entire year. The only new students I will get are Kindergarten, and of course the transfer students.

Today we are limited to our work outside. Over the last few weeks it has rained close to 3 inches, if not more, and our garden soil is still soaked. The hope is that next week it will warm up a LOT and dry the ground so we can till it and plant. Our goal was to have the plants in the ground by now, but as long as we can get them in before the second week of June we will be fine.

As a side note. For years I was the yearbook adviser for my schools. Teaching children how to design pages, use technology, and to write captions for pictures was all part of it. Now, for these three years of blogging, I am still using the same format for my post titles. I still really enjoy coming up with "caption" kind-of titles for the posts I write.

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19lt70 said...

I'm so glad you've had a better teaching year. Sure does make a big difference on your mental energy, doesn't it? Your farm is beautiful! I love all the wildlife. Say "hi" to Ildi and the kids for me. Laura