Friday, April 9, 2010

too many styles . . .

Did I mention that I love WARM weather! I think spending 21 years in California spoiled me a bit concerning the warmth from the sun. When the sun comes out, and it is warm here, it's like a breath of fresh air . . . an unexpected Christmas present . . . the taste of pasta after a nice glass of wine . . . OK, I'll stop with the analogies. It is WONDERFUL outside here when the sun is out though. Blue skies, clear, and the feeling that the warm weather of summer is only a few moments away. . . CAN'T WAIT! And the fact that everything here is now in FULL bloom and the promise of it staying this way is real convincing. And I am glad.

A few weeks ago I commissioned a relatively new artist to create a work of art for my home. Herrick, AKA Jax Hamlin, came up with this whimsical pen/ink and colored pencil drawing that now hangs proudly in my kitchen along side the other eclectic arrangement of French, Turkish, Australian, and American art. As an artist, I like TOO many styles and periods of art to be locked into decorating within one period of art history or style. Since the "Three French Hens" have some other French art pieces to "hang" with, they fit perfectly into my groupings of three on our back kitchen wall. Here's the closeup of the piece he made, and below is the spot where the hens occupy. If you are interested in obtaining a limited edition print of this original, please visit Jax Hamlin's Chicken Art site. If you do, you and me will be "same, same." :)


19lt70 said...

I love the way your kitchen looks! It reminds me of your kitchen on Pepper Street. And that, of course, makes me miss you all! Laura

Herrick Kimball said...

I am honored to have my first commissioned work of Jax Hamlin chicken art hanging in the Foutfolk kitchen.

The red frame goes nicely with the whimsical picture.

Many thanks, Garth!

Barbara said...

1) Don't stop with the analogies -- they are windows to your soul's joy.

2) I love that you now identify yourself as an artist -- years ago when I told you were, you told me in NO uncertain terms that you were NOT, you were merely a technician.

3) I LOVE the 3 French hens!!!

4) I love love love you kitchen.

Kit Fisher said...

To Amory: Hannah is over at my house at the moment and we just were looking at all your posts since 2007. Hannah and I have decided that starting June 1 (summer break) we will try to write you a letter a day.

Jackie Fisher and Hannah Gray

P.S. What temperature was it when your dad wrote the post? In CA "warm" means about 75 degrees. Your version is probably a lot cooler. :)