Sunday, March 21, 2010

thanks for the light . . .

Sipping my coffee this morning, I couldn't resist taking this photo of some of the children eating breakfast. In addition, I wanted to get a photo of the chandelier I installed. This particular one Jeff gave me years ago after his family's exodus out of California. I used it outside in one house, and stored it for a couple of years while we rented homes, and now it has found its permanent spot right here. Thanks Jeff . . . it's perfect for our eat-in kitchen!

This Sunday morning we are going to visit a friend's church, then go over to a families home for the afternoon. Visiting takes on a new behavior now that we have animals to tend too. Since our cow is on a schedule, each morning and evening we are tied to the barn for our daily ritual of milking. It is a pleasure and a benefit having animals, and it is also a whole lifestyle change being homeward bound. We take our animals into consideration now when we do anything.

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Barbara said...

Thanks Garth! I love the end of the year book idea...I may use it at the end of units: like one for Acts and the Letters of Paul, one for the Gospels...etc. You are so amazing!!! I love love love your creative mind!!! It is like a fresh breeze in spring: refreshing and inspriring!!!